Our Clients' Experiences

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Krystal takes a Himalayan tahr, hunting with Allan Kircher of NZ Backcountry Guides   Allan Kircher, from our partner NZ Backcountry Guides, writes:

"One of the most enjoyable things about being a hunting guide is the number of father and son or husband and wife teams that I get to spend time in the hills with. This hunting season has been no exception and I have had a very memorable season so far guiding several family groups on red stag, tahr and chamois.

One of my most memorable hunts was a husband and wife team of Scotty and Krystal.

This was a young couple that had saved long and hard for their first overseas hunt and a red stag, bull tahr and buck chamois were the trophies we were after.

Krystal secured a top bull tahr in atrocious winter conditions, literally hours before they were due at the airport for their flight home."

Chris McCarthy, from our partner Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris, writes:

"Martin Mason of Denmark optimised his wilderness hunt taking two nine year old bull tahr and one nice chamois.

The biggest bull carried extremely heavy horns over 13 inches in length, with 10 inch bases.

The body size of this animal is massive, only the western side of the Southern Alps has the appropriate feed to grow animals so big.

This bull would have been interesting to hang up on the scales, estimated to be in access of 350 pounds."
  Martin Mason of Denmark takes a Himalayan tahr, hunting with Chris McCarthy of Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris