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Bull The bull is the male of the tahr species. They're larger than the females, with slightly larger horns, and a heavy mane which turns reddish-brown in summer.
Culling Culling is the process of selecting and killing animals on a relatively large scale. In New Zealand, culling was done to control the deer populations.
Fair Chase Fair chase is the ethical, sportsmanlike, and lawful pursuit and taking of any free-ranging wild animal in a manner that does not give the hunter an improper advantage.
Fiordland An area in the south-western corner of the South Island of New Zealand, consisting of the steep Southern Alps, deep lakes, and large valleys to the west. Fiordland's name comes from the Scandinavian "fjord", and the area does indeed have a number of fjords, the best known being Milford Sound.
Free Range A large hunting area, where the game is not fenced in. Free range hunts can take place on both public and private lands.
Game Estate A private piece of property established for the use of hunting, where the animals are farmed and hunting is controlled by the owners of the property.
Nanny The nanny is the female of the tahr species. The nannies have horns like the males, only typically slightly smaller. Unlike the bull tahr, the nannies don't have a heavy mane.
Rut The mating season, also known as the "roar". For Himalayan tahr, the rut typically is from May through August.

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