New Zealand Tahr Hunting Trips

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All of our packages include round-trip airfare from Los Angeles by default, however, any of our packages can be customized for business/first class air, no air tickets, or tickets from other cities. For more information on getting to and around New Zealand, click here.

When comparing our hunting packages to those from other companies, check to see if theirs includes airfare. Because of our air contracts and the excellent relationships we have with our outfitters, often our package WITH airfare is about the same price as others' offerings WITHOUT air!

Combine a tahr hunt with hunts for free range red stag and South Pacific goat.  

Pure New Zealand

With access to many of the nation's finest private ranches and game estates, Don Cameron has the ability to put together some of the best hunting combinations for the outdoor enthusiast. The hut and cabin based accommodation is very comfortable and will make for some great stories around the fire each evening.

Hunting Packages Offered:

Lilydale offers combinations of tahr hunts, free range red stag hunts, and fallow deer hunts.  

Lilydale Wilderness Area

Donald and Barbara Bray will be your host on one of the most exciting hunts you will ever go on. Expect to see over 40 Bull tahr a day to choose from. The property is over 12,500 acres with some world class tahr and Chamois.

Hunting Packages Offered:

Himalayan Bull Tahr or Red Stag  

NZ Backcountry Guides

NZ Backcountry Guides take pride in the fact that they are able to provide the best in trophy trout fishing and the best in free range fair chase hunting. For the sportsman, they provide the best in ethical hunting, where the trophy is in the taking, not the record book.

Hunting Packages Offered:

Free Range Red Stag and Himalayan Bull Tahr  

New Zealand Safaris

New Zealand Safaris offers a limited number of free range hunts, with many satisfied clients over the last several years all of whom left New Zealand with memories of a magnificent hunt, and some superb trophies.

Hunting Packages Offered:

Red Stag, Tahr, Chamois, Red Deer, South Pacific Goats, Wallabies, Fallow Deer, Wild Boar  

Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris

While producing four top Trophies in the Free Range Red Stag, Himalayan Bull Tahr, Trophy Buck Chamois and a Wild Boar hunted over dogs, this hunt also includes many additional meat and cull animals as well.

Hunting Packages Offered:

Free Range Red Stag, Himalayan Bull Tahr  

Kiwi Classic Hunt

For those discerning hunters that want to stay as far away from the canned hunt as possible, New Zealand has hunting opportunities that are unrivaled in most destinations around the world. The Kiwi Classic Hunt is a hunt that offers the extreme reward of hunting in the incredibly challenging environment of the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

Hunting Packages Offered:

Silver Medal Red Stag, Bull Tahr, Chamois, Arapawa Ram, Feral Goat  

Wilderness Quest New Zealand

Hunt from the beautiful Haupiri Valley of the South Island to the magnificent Southern Alpines and take home a terrific selection of trophies at a great price: Silver Medal Red Stag, Bull Tahr, Chamois, Arapawa Ram, Feral Goat.

Hunting Packages Offered:

Gold Medal Red Stag, Gold Medal Elk Wapiti Bull, Fallow Buck, Tahr, Chamois  

Wilderness Quest New Zealand

Splash out and save with this exciting 7 day adventure. All Grand Slam hunts occur on the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. Best months are May, June, July. Gold Medal Red Stag, Gold Medal Elk Wapiti Bull, Fallow Buck, Tahr, Chamois.

Hunting Packages Offered: